A diversified investment company primarily focused on private equity and real estate.

Leadership Composition

The leadership composition of MVP combines the expertise of individuals prominent in commercial real estate, finance, community development and public infrastructure. Collectively, this team offers an outstanding combination of passion, commitment and broad experience; allowing for the successful execution of development opportunities and the creation of viable solutions.

Senior Management

The Company's senior management team of Odis Jones and Adam Troy bring together four decades of work at the forefront of public-private partnerships, urban development & revitalization, economic & community development, municipal governance & infrastructure, and entrepreneurial ventures.  Jones served as director of urban site development for the New Jersey Economic Development (EDA), where he oversaw Urban Fund Initiatives in excess of $200 million. Most recently, Jones led a three-year $185-million lighting modernization modernization plan in Detroit –a rebound from 40% of streetlights broke to new 65,000 energy-efficient LED lights.  Jones became the public face of the city’s efforts to relight streets across Detroit, starring in a commercial aired nationally including CNN, by Citicorp, the New York bank that underwrote two bond issues as part of the lighting modernization plan. Troy served alongside Jones as COO for the lighting initiative, overseeing construction & engineering, community engagement, continuous improvement and customer service. He also co-created The Unity Partnership CDC—one of the nation’s first and most successful faith-based community development initiatives. The duo’s individual and collective impact has facilitated employment, housing, retail development, access to goods & services and millions of capital investment within urban communities.  “Sustainability through Best in Class Partnerships” is the firm’s mantra, as it seeks to maximize investors’ capital while pursuing social objectives and sustainable development.

Advisors & Professionals

The Company's advisors and experienced professionals have diverse academic and work backgrounds, including in architecture, construction management, accounting, education, non-profit governance, community development, legal and finance. In addition to its headquarters in Detroit, Mi, the Company maintains a physical presence throughout the country with advisors & professionals located in or near Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, Louisiana, Columbus, Oh. and Fresno, Ca. The team’s commitment to the Company’s mission extends beyond the office, with individual involvement in a wide range of community endeavors.

mvp Players

Relationships are like the handle bars on a bike ... we must reach out to make them work. MVP benefits greatly from its strategic relationships with individuals and organizations who bring an equal amount of purpose, passion and perspective to the Company’s various strategies and serve as invaluable partners in working together toward common objectives.

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