A diversified investment company primarily focused on private equity and real estate.

Who We Are

MVP Capital Ventures, LLC is a multi-dimension development company primarily focused on real estate related opportunities and public private partnerships.  MVP brings extensive experience in using  innovative financing strategies for the development of multi-family housing, commercial, mixed-use properties and public infrastructure related projects. With a history of connecting people, places and products, MVP works continuously in creating partnerships among corporations, government, faith-based organizations and community groups. MVP bridges barriers to urban development by providing innovative and trusted access to markets traditionally avoided by investment and development firms.  MVP aims to utilize its experience, extensive network and strategic partnerships to leverage investment while pursuing social objectives and sustainable development.

Company Strengths

Company Strategy

Urban areas represent the fastest-growing demographic and a largely untapped source of investment opportunities. Most urban centers are under-retailed by as much as 40%, and there is an insatiable demand for affordable middle income and workforce housing in most markets. Increased development and redevelopment of urban areas over the last two decades have demonstrated that effective investment by private developers, often in cooperation with Community Development Corporations (“CDC’s”), Universities & Colleges, local government and civic leaders, can bring about significant change and renewed economic vitality in a community. The MVP strategy is designed to bring together ‘best in class’ partnerships to create value through managing the acquisition, repositioning or development of residential, office, retail and warehouse/distribution properties while accomplishing other important public policy goals.

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